SQL Server DevOps Style — Part 1

People tend to say that developing database solutions is a pain in the ***, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is how to flow through SQL Server solutions like a DevOps.


As already written you need Azure Data Studio:

Start a development SQL Server

When developing our SQL Server solution, we do not want to mess around with production servers, hence we need a local SQL Server instance.

Create a database project using Azure Data Studio

Before we can create a database project using Azure Data Studio, you need to add some extension:

  1. SQL Server Schema Compare
  2. [optional] Admin Pack for SQL Server

Create some tables

Build and deploy locally.

To bring our defined database solution to the server two steps need to be taken. First, build the solution into a dacpac and then deploy the dacpac to our local SQL Server.

How to go on?

In the next part of this series we’ll see how to make changes to our tables, schema, add some procedures and functions and implement deployment to an Azure SQL Database. Additionally, we’ll see how to set up azure DevOps to automatically deploy changes and look into, how to test databases before deploying them.

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