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During the current pandemia, we are locked down in our home, if we have a job that can be done remotely — like most office jobs. This sudden change in the work environment comes with a ton of things that need to be learned by those who are new to working from home.

Here are five things that I have learned during working from home and that might be applicable for any situation where you find yourself working in a distributed team.

1 — It is all about communication

The most important thing that changes completely is the way how we communicate. Communication doesn’t naturally happen face…

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When using the low code platform Azure Data Factory for ETL and other data engineering purposes, it is still a good idea to continuously integration your progress, especially when working in a team. Also continuously deploy new versions of your Data Factory, while not working directly in the production system is a good practice for fast-evolving businesses. How? Let’s dive into it.


Use NPM to create an ARM Template from the collaboration branch of a data factory and a bicep file. Build the infrastructure automatically and deploy the latest version of the collaboration branch to various versions of your ADF…

People tend to say that developing database solutions is a pain in the ***, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is how to flow through SQL Server solutions like a DevOps.

We want to create our databases and data solutions in a reproducible way, together with our teammates, deployable to where ever the server is and overall reliable. In short, do databases DevOps Style.

But how, you might wonder? In this first part of this database DevOps Style, let me show you how to create a simple database solution for SQL Server, using Azure Data Studio. It…

Writing is not that easy, though we write all day long. It is important in our own work and like, but also for people we interact with. It is important, when working in a team. Writing gets even more important, as we work in distributed teams.

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In a distributed team you cannot always rely on calls and talk to each other on the phone. When working in a different location, with a flexible schedule, calling everyone to transport information gets cumbersome.

When writing notes to ourselves or our teammates, often we struggle with writing down the right thing. Probably everyone…

Will 2021 be remembered as a year were the world changed to a different place? Are we going eco-friendly or do we head towards self-destruction? I don’t know, but if you want to maybe profit from it financially, here are some ideas.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a financial advisor, this is just my personal opinion, please don’t use this as investing advice. Please think before you invest your hard-earned money.

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In case you want to get rid of your money, use the button down below.

Why Eco-friendly might be a thing in 2021 and onwards

So, Joe Biden became President of the United States of America and agree or not, the…

Working on SQL Server project in Azure Data Studio

SQL server agent is used for many things. From maintenance tasks to health monitoring to do ETL/ ELT. Creating solutions with SQL server often involves creating jobs. As DevOps, we want to have all our configuration in the form of code. Using SQL Server Data Tools this can be done for tables, view, procedure, and so on. But, how to do this with Server agent jobs?

As we create SQL Server Solutions as code, to make them re-deployable and versionable, we might get to the point where we want to declare server agent jobs. …

This is the article I was searching for when I was creating my database solutions as code, maybe it is out there written by someone else. Ever since I’m am developing databases and server-side processes for SQL server, I wanted to have all my definitions and configurations in a repository. The goal is to have the complete SQL server solution as code. Ultimately to deploy it with literally one click.

For SQL Server I use the SSDT from Microsoft, really an impressive solution to the aforementioned task. One thing I was always struggling with, security. Especially, User and Login creation.

Ein typisches online Meeting — Foto von @cwmonty

In der Welt der Büroarbeit haben die digitalen Meetings die physischen Vorort Meetings weitestgehend abgelöst. Immer wieder ist zu hören, das digitale Meetings nicht das selbe sind wie physische und trotzdem handeln wir genau so, wie wir uns vorher im Büro zusammen gesetzt haben. Ist es vielleicht an der Zeit die Art und Weise wie wir Meetings betreiben weiter zu denken?

Arten von Meetings

Wenn ich über Meetings in meinem Alltag nachdenke, dann kann ich hier ein par Arten von Meetings identifizieren. Zum einen die Massenmeetings, hier wird über die aktuelle Entwicklung des Unternehmens oder von neuen Produkten berichtet. Dann sind da die…

In the world of office jobs, distributed work has replaced on-site presence. Digital meetings are everywhere. Many are lamenting that digital meetings are not the same as physical ones. Still, we act like we are all sitting in a room together. Time to rethink our meeting culture?

Ein typisches online Meeting — Foto von @cwmonty

Types of meetings

As I think about meetings in my day-to-day work life, I can classify three main types. First, there are the mass meetings, where information about the current state of the company is shared, new products get reported. Next, we got the team meetings, that’s when I meet my teammates, we discuss team relevant…

How to combine a QComboBox with a QAbstractListModel? Difficult, probably not, is it?

In one of the recent last apps, I’ve written, I decided to use QML and PySide instead of QtWidgets as I usually do. Why? Well QML feels more modern to me, right out of the box. Additionally, you gain control over the graphical appearance of the app.

Setting the stage

First, we need a python file for the logic and a QML file to implement the frontend.

In the frontend file, we embed a ComboBox and two Buttons in a Rectangle within a Window. …

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